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Welcome to Canprint Information Services online ordering for the Medicare Benefits Schedule.

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Complete MBS

Code Product Price Qty.
MBSCOMPNOV2013 Complete MBS (November 2013)

Individual Categories

Code Product Price Qty.
MBSCAT1 Category 1 of the MBS Attendances (excluding optometry) Jan 2012 $18.00
MBSCAT2 Category 2 of the MBS Diagnostic Procedures Nov 2011 $13.00
MBSCAT3 Category 3 of the MBS Therapeutic Procedures JAN 2012 $29.00
MBSCAT4 Category 4 of the MBS - services provided by Approved Dental Practitioners for the provision of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery JAN 2012 $14.00
MBSCAT5 Category 5 of the MBS - including Radiology Services JAN 2012 $18.00
MBSCAT6 Category 6 of the MBS - Pathology Services Nov 2011 $18.00
MBSCAT7 Category 7 of the MBS - Services for Treatment of Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate Conditions Nov 2011 $12.00
MBSCAT8 Category 8 of the MBS including Allied Health and Practice Nurse Items Nov 2011 $16.00

Special Publications

Code Product Price Qty.
MBSALLIED Special publication for Allied Health Services JAN 2012 $15.00
MBSDENT Special Publication for Dental Services January 2012 $14.00
MBSOPT Special Publication for Optometry Items JAN 2012 $13.00